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Designed for Australian conditions and ready to take on the world.

Our Innovative Technology

Our uniquely Australian design is inspired by Lawrence Hargrave's 'box-wing' concept.

Unique V-Tail design allows higher speed and improved safety - making Vertiia stand out from all other eVTOLS.

Wing tilt reduces drag, maximising speed and efficiency in transit.

The modular airframe design allows for various Vertiia configurations, providing versatility to all.

Outer wing pod power mounting ensures passenger separation, significantly improving redundancy and safety.

vertiia_r-tagg-5330 (1).jpg
Screenshot 2023-08-08 131450.png

Designed for Performance

1000km Range

300 km/h Speed
500 kg Payload
10 minute Refuel Time
Operating costs up to ~70% lower than a helicopter
65 - 70 decibel operation
Aeromedical, Passenger and Cargo Layouts

Specs are indicative and subject to changes

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